Minion is a portable thermal imaging camera designed for the versatile application in the field of security systems, fire equipment, video surveillance of border areas, strategic zones and others. The camera is suitable for any type of internal and external installation. Along with other accessories, Minion includes a user software for remote control and setup of main functions. Minion is an IP camera and can be used for an upgrade of any existing CCTV video surveillance and IP network and controlled over a PC.



Goliath is a long range uncooled thermal vision camera, perfect for integration into security, border and observation systems. Goliath surpasses three times the observation distances performed by the generally available on the market uncooled thermal imaging cameras, due to its unique features and variety of long range fixed, dual field of view and continuous zoom objective lens.



HeatseekIR is a highly sensitive cooled thermal imaging camera suitable to b used in border control, land and marine protected areas to prevent illegal traffic, border intruders or other crimes. It detects the smallest difference in the temperatures between the object and the environment. The resolution of the camera is 640×512 pixels (15µm), and the spectral response is 3-5 µm. The camera is available with various continuous zoom lens systems (19-275 mm, 38-550 mm or 57-825 mm) that offer different distances and field of view.

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