The Thermal Imaging Surveillance Camera or TISCAM is mainly for covert observation, small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand. It is particularly easy to conceal due to its small size, barely thicker than a thumb. It deliversimages of the highest quality of 320×256 pixels. The standard version has a built-in socket for the connection of a waterproof cable. This cabletransmits the video data (PAL or NTSC) and supplies power to the unit.


Key features


  • Four different Field of View lens versions available
  • Very small housing – 24 mm by 29mm by 60mm (without any attachments). Simplifies the covert observation process
  • Only weighs 57.7 g
  • Can look directly at the sun for short periods
  • Standard video output with PAL and NTSC as well as USB output for Special Version
  • Water resistance – IP 68 rating


Technical Data


  • FOV – 90°/FOV 50°/FOV 32°/FOV 24°
  • Resolution –320 x 256 9Hz
  • Pixel Pitch–12 µm uncooled microbolometer
  • Frame Rate –9 Hz
  • Weight –57.7 g
  • Size –L 60 mm x W 24 mm x H 29 mm

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