The TIMRO-X is the all in one head-mounted, handheld, weapon-mounted and stationary thermal imaging device. The quick installation allows for the TIMRO-X to be worn as goggles and only takes seconds to remove from the helmet and mount it on a STANAG rail (MIL-STD 1913). Thus a thermal imaging monocular turns into a weapon sight optics with a range of up to 800m (with magnification lens). Different attachments to the TIMRO-X provide the operator with further flexibility.


Key features


  • Can be used in different configurations and settings
  • Zoom up to 8x electronically and 3x optical
  • Settings for up to 8 different weapons can be stored
  • Large Field of View > 38° diagonal
  • Can be used on all standard helmets with a variety of different mounts and shrouds


Technical Data


  • FOV –32° horizontal/ 26° vertical
  • Resolution –640 x 512
  • Frame Rate –60 Hz
  • Battery Life – 4.5 hours continuous usage
  • Weight –260 g
  • Size – L 82 mm x W 49 mm x H 67 mm

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