TILO stands for Thermal Imaging Light Optic. It is not only the world‘s smallest (4 – 5.8 cm) with a weight of 100g – 130g making it the lightest thermal imaging monocular, but also the only one with integrated high-performance LEDs. It can be attached to both the helmet and the headband, so both hands are always free. The TILO is available in versions with a thermal resolution of less than 40 mK, which means that temperature differences of less than 0.04°C can still be displayed. This is especially helpful in bad weather conditions, such as when searching for missing persons in the rain.


Key features


  • Super flat design – 40 mm in width
  • Different eyecups available to suit different situations
  • Waterproof rubber buttons for control of thermal imaging functions
  • High performance thermal imaging sensor
  • Military grade stable water-tight housing


Technical Data


  • FOV –24° horizontal/19° vertical
  • Resolution – color 873 x 500 pixel
  • Pixel Size–320×256 Pixel/640×512 Pixel (model dependent)
  • Frame Rate –9 Hz or 60 Hz (model dependant)
  • Battery Life – 2-4 hours continuous usage
  • Weight –100g to 128g (model dependent)
  • Size – L 50 mm x W 64 mm x H 67 mm

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