Night Vision Helmet Mount

The helmet mount allows the night vision device to be mounted to any helmet for land and aviation purposes. The PT53 mount has 4 different points of configuration, the vertical adjustment, horizontal adjustment, goggle tilt adjustment and the flip up adjustment, allowing the user for a lot of flexibility when using Night Vision. The PT53 point of breakaway in case of excessive force is at the helmet compared to other mounts which occur at the point where the NVG secures onto the mount. This breakaway point at the helmet is better in emergency situations as the mount does not protrude from the helmet.



The binocular helmet mount adaptor comes with a Dovetail and a US interface, suitable for a variety of different night vision binocular brands.



This helmet mount allows 2 monocular units to be used simultaneously by the operator, creating a binocular setting. Operator can use both monocular units or just one, depending on the operation.



The monocular helmet mount is for single monocular use. The mount allows the operator to switch the monocular between eyes, dependant on operator preference.

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