Night Eyes Binocular Aviation

The Aviation Night Eyes are a lightweight binocular device designed for aviation missions. Night Eyes are the lightest ruggedized NVG’s on the market which have been approved by Aviation Authorities. Night eyes are being used by pilots in Australia and around the world for tasks ranging from Aerial Surveillance, Fire fighting, Search and Rescue and Defence to protecting animals on wildlife reserves.


Key features


  • 24 month warranty
  • Low battery and IR indicator in FOV
  • No US ITAR Restrictions
  • Compliant to Military Specification MIL-STD-810
  • Aviation Approved
  • FOM range – 1400 to 2400
  • Ruggedized aluminum body for durability
  • AA Battery and CR123 battery compatible
  • Auto-gated High Resolution Image Intensifier tubes for clear and bright image
  • Built-in IR illuminator for covert close range illumination when no ambient light
  • Maximum 72 hour service turnaround
  • High Light Sensor – Configurable Automatic On/Off
  • Built-in patented ILS Data Management System (optional software)


Technical Data


  • Housing – Aluminum
  • Dimensions – L 110-165mm (depending on configuration) x H 65mm
  • Weight – 550g – 630g
  • Submersible to 20 meters
  • x1 Magnification
  • 40° Field of View
  • Eye Relief – 25mm
  • Image Intensifier tubes – Photonis 4G, XR5, XD4, Echo, Echo+, Gen3
  • Phosphor – P43 (Green) and P45 (White)
  • Power Source – Built in battery housing, single AA battery (10+ hours) or single CR123A(18+ hours)


Optional Accessories


  • ILS Data Management Software
  • Magnification x3 and x5
  • Battery Pack
  • Head Harness
  • Helmet Mount

Subject to certificates and approvals

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