The NVS 27M is Newcon Optik’s most advanced night vision clip-on to date and represents a significant improvement on other clip-on systems currently available.  Utilizing any of Newcon Optik’s AG or AGBW IIT systems, this high-resolution unit is designed to mount in front of virtually any daytime riflescope.  It differs from the competition in many ways, but primarily in its compatibility with day sight magnifications between 1x and 20x.  As military and police shooters continue to use higher magnification day sights, this compatibility range provides a significant advantage in the field, enabling the use of most, if not all, of a given day sight’s magnification capability.

The NVS 27M was designed by shooters, and its extra wide field of view, manual gain control system and extended target detection range make it the world’s most complete night vision clip-on system.


Specifications –

II Tube – Gen 3

Resolution – 64 lp/mm

Minimum FOM – 1600

SNR – 25 minimum

Auto-gated – Yes

Phosphor – Green or Black and White (Optional)


Optics –

Objective Focal length – 78 mm

Field of View – 13°

Magnification – X1

Focus Range – 10m – ∞

Magnification Compatibility (recommended X) – 1 -20


Environmental –

Dimensions – 220mm x 87mm x 90mm

Weight (without batteries) – 970 grams

Mount System – QR Mount

Battery Type – 1 x AA or CR123

Battery Life – 50 hours

Low battery Indicator – Yes

Operating Temperature – -55°c to +65°c

Waterproofing – 10 m upto 1 hour

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