The RB Series Borescope is a newer model to the M3-P with a lot more versatility and flexibility. The probe for the RB series can detect temperatures up to 150° C on the Standard probe and up to 380° C using the professional probe. The probe can be turned, bent, extended and replaced. Depending on the operator’s inspection requirements, the insert tube can be easily swapped between the white light tube and the infrared thermal tube. The RB series is the higher range borescope that can be used for surveillance by law enforcement agencies, and also supports both image and video capture.


Key features


  • Daylight display, 3.5 inch high brightness TFT daylight display that is visible in the sun
  • HDMI and ultra HD compatible. Can connect to a PC using HDMI cable
  • Excellent image processing technology
  • Professional temperature measurement technology
  • High strength titanium alloy protection on probe
  • Glass-lined protective lens
  • Insertion tube can measure a maximum temperature of 150° C


Technical Data


  • FOV –50°
  • Display – 3.5 inch full view TFT daylight display, visible in the sun
  • Resolution –160 x 120
  • Temperature Accuracy –± 5°C
  • Frame Rate –9 Hz
  • Battery Life – 3+ hours battery life
  • Weight –less than 650 g
  • Size – 240 mm x 102 mm x 126 mm

Subject to certificates and approvals

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