The M3-P Police Borescope is used by agencies like public security, armed police, fire fighting, customs, etc. It is widely used in criminal investigation, explosive removal, security checking, search for smuggling activity, search and rescue, and other relevant detection work. The borescope is mostly used for real-time observations of narrow spaces and dark areas, taking pictures and videos, as well as long-distance image transmission to provide intuitive image information for the site of criminal investigation and security checking.


Key features


  • Excellent, easy to use guiding function with 360° bending probe and bending angle greater than 150°
  • Globally unique replaceable insert tube
  • Remote image transmission and real-time dynamic monitoring
  • Night Vision and thermal insert tubes both available
  • Lightweight and portable – 450 g
  • One key press picture and video capture
  • Wi-Fi Image transmission to mobile and tablet devices as well as wired transmission to PC’s
  • 3.5 inch Sony HD digital screen


Technical Data


  • FOV –120° with 360° all way tube insert rotation
  • Display – 3.5 inch HD TFT screen
  • Resolution –640 x 480
  • Frame Rate –54 Hz
  • Battery Life – 5+ hours
  • Weight –450 g (with battery)
  • Size – 240 mm x 102 mm x 126 mm

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